Dear Lost,

You’ve made a lot of changes in your life in this past year, or two, and because of this it’s really easy to feel confused and lost within it all. From these changes you’re learning new things about the world around you and about yourself that you may not like or want. You are going to feel like you’re incredibly lost and maybe even bitterly alone.

That feeling, I can assure you, is purpose trying to find its place.

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Right now, you’re probably realizing that you are a bit broken.

Chances are, you think that your parents play a big…

A brief remembering of the twins who impacted my life and what it means to be a twin.

Twin Flames Collection, Justin Aversano. Photo from

People often ask me what life is like with a twin. For the majority of my life, I said that it was indescribable because I didn’t have anything to compare it to. However, as I’ve grown older I have come to realize that being a twin means that you have never truly been alone. From the first point of your existence, you had company. As your own heartbeat was forming, you were learning the sound of theirs beating beside you. In some cases, being a twin means being one-half of the same miracle.

A special bond exists between twins; a…

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Before starting anything new, everyone must go through a learning curve. Within any field, from fine art to astrophysics, this is referred to as ‘the gap,” which is the space between where you are currently and where you hope to be. This distance can feel frustrating and hopeless because where you want to be is already populated by successful people, and as a result, you view yourself as the opposite. Since this is the case, many people give up on their goals before trying to close the gap.

Stock markets introduce that same dilemma. However, if you understand the general…

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At first glance, stock markets can seem scary and overwhelming. Or maybe the idea of trading investments excites you but you don’t know where to begin. Regardless, everyone entering the world of stocks must have the same underlying foundation in order to become successful investors.

First, before entering the stock market, you must ask yourself:

Am I ready to invest?

When investing in Canada, there are age restrictions allocated to each province which determine who can open up a trading account. Before beginning to trade, you must make sure you meet your provincial requirements as determined by your official, government-issued, provincial ID or your residency.

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As COVID-19 unemployment persists and imposes upon financial wellbeing, many people are researching different ways to make money. With this in mind, the start of 2021 saw a significant rise in stock market research and trading. Therefore, making stock related questions one of the most googled trends in the first two weeks of the new year. In addition to learning about trading stocks, bitcoin-related searches rose by 58%.

So, what is the stock market? And how does it work?

Dating back to the 1600s, early trading companies moved goods like silk, gold, china, spices, art (and looted artifacts) across the globe using hundreds, and possibly thousands, of ships. However, such expeditions…

How do we outlive ourselves? Or more specifically, the worst versions of who we are.

I know that I’ve made mistakes – perhaps best to do so now anyway. I’ve been told that people are a lot more forgiving when you’re in your 20s and I feel perpetually stuck here. In most cases, I can’t even imagine myself living within an aged body, or the responsibilities that come with that.

Yet, I hold myself accountable for years worth of disappointment that hasn’t even happened yet. I evaluate my life based on the things I’ve done wrong and I’m wondering now…

Though I can assure you that there is no way to completely rid yourself of the sadness you carry, there is hope for alleviating it.

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I lived without my reflection for eight months. I removed the mirrors from my bedroom and living areas, I kept my head down when passing large windows and when washing my hands in public washrooms. After removing applications like Snapchat and disabling my front-facing camera, I began to move through this life without looking for myself.

For the first few weeks I would be tempted to visit my reflection, only to be met with an…

As I move into another chapter of my life and fade out from the comfort I’ve cozied into for the last few years, I have come to realize that some hearts and minds care little for my company. Of course, this feeling is unpleasant but it’s also incredibly freeing.

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For many years I felt responsible for the care of the surrounding collective. I believed that I was a temporary checkpoint for healing and refuge, after which those who stayed in my care would move on to the person or place that their new heart was built for. As an adult…

To Those With The Power To Change The World

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Some moments define us. Moments that display our character; our compassion. Moments with the potential to break us down; to tear us apart.

With the same force that could separate us, exists the strength to stand together. When our governments leave bricks on the road with destructive intentions, use those bricks and build bridges.

Connect the systemic gaps of oppression, build a safe path for your coloured neighbour to walk into your allyship.

If you think that you do not have the tools to forge a new network; a new system…

Life as we know it is ending. The world is not.

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I’ll be honest — I panicked. Everything I was working towards collapsed in a span of five days and with them, all my coping outlets. In the first 48 hours, I lost access to my campus and my graduation. Within 72 hours my favourite local spots and my art studio closed their doors and within 120 hours my job ceased to exist. All in the wake of COVID-19.

The reality of the matter? My privileged, Canadian circumstances did not prepare me for the end of the world as I…

Alia Aluma

Editor-in-Chief | Journalist | Creative Director. Everything here is inspired by conversations with friends.

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