A Future That Matters

To Those With The Power To Change The World

Photo by Nicole Baster on Unsplash

Some moments define us. Moments that display our character; our compassion. Moments with the potential to break us down; to tear us apart.

With the same force that could separate us, exists the strength to stand together. When our governments leave bricks on the road with destructive intentions, use those bricks and build bridges.

Connect the systemic gaps of oppression, build a safe path for your coloured neighbour to walk into your allyship.

If you think that you do not have the tools to forge a new network; a new system. You are forgetting that the only thing stronger than the hate you give is the love you build.

My coloured friends, you will meet disappointment countless times in your life, but you are familiar with adversity. Your livelihood is the definition of resilience.

However, trust me when I say that your life does not have to be the epitome of it.

You do not need to carry the burdens of racism with your shoulders held high. You should no longer have to swallow bigotry and apologize for choking.

Yes, history has proven it evident that Black people are strong. Indigenous people are strong. But you deserve a moment of rest in a world that won’t take advantage of you in your sleep.

My Black friends, it is understandable that you are tired, out of breath. Understandably, you are not okay. This is no longer anger, it is exhaustion. Exhaustion from explaining ourselves countless times to people who could not possibly understand.

In this lifetime, you will meet people who confuse your cry for help as a declaration of war; those who take personal offence to your pain. This is because you are misunderstood, not undeserving.

Our White allies, we are not asking you to understand the inherited grief that lives in the wake of Blackness, and Indigeneity, we are demanding that you diligently look at it. See it. Acknowledge it.

We are asking you to stop acting like racism is a shocking phenomenon and to start taking responsibility for the way you contribute to it.

What we have all witnessed in recent media, the killing of Black folks, the missing Indigenous women, the brutality against darkness, is not new or polarized. It is global and it is embedded into our lives, rooted, systemic.

Recognize it.

If you start to feel unsettled, if your voice sounds different when you speak up, remember that change sounds like the person you hope to be.

Live diligently.



Editor-in-Chief | Journalist | Creative Director. Everything here is inspired by conversations with friends.

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