An Open Letter to People Who Feel Lost.

You’ve made a lot of changes in your life in this past year, or two, and because of this it’s really easy to feel confused and lost within it all. From these changes you’re learning new things about the world around you and about yourself that you may not like or want. You are going to feel like you’re incredibly lost and maybe even bitterly alone.

Right now, you’re probably realizing that you are a bit broken.

Chances are, you think that your parents play a big role in that. Their expectations, the city they raised you in, the choices they made for you. The pain they gave to you.

You will realize, too, that the pain inside of you belongs to the people whom you love.

You may learn that you are miserable because you allowed your father to be hurtful and hard on you, thinking it was tough love. You may notice that you are miserable because you and your mother have never been closer than strangers or old friends, and you’ve spent years wondering why she didn’t love you in the ways you needed her too. Maybe you’re miserable because you lost a deep love who looked to you for help that you couldn’t give.

What I’ve learned is that sometimes this pain that we feel is misguided purpose trying to get our attention. When we hurt like this it’s time to change something — to change how we think, to grow passed who we are in this moment.

You have no idea what you will achieved in your life. And if right now, your suffering is telling you that this isn’t right for you, listen to it. And if the pain you’re carrying isn’t your own, thank it for making you stronger, but let it go.

Here you are, holding what matters most with nothing but room for you to start the life that you want.

Remember, you are not lost. You are just a bundle of misplaced purpose trying to find the room to grow.

Editor-in-Chief | Journalist | Creative Director. Everything here is inspired by conversations with friends.

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