The lives we have outlived never really leave us — including our own.

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Photo by Rafa Prada on Unsplash

“in life, we never go backward; we do not return to people or places. My friend, in our lives we are always directed forwards as people who have grown in time and space. We are led to every place we must visit.”

After spending weeks letting this statement ruminate, I realized that this is one of the most reassuring things that I have heard in my little life. Every bit of momentum we gather in our lives brings us to a place where we enter, equipped with everything we have experienced, ready to introduce ourselves as who we are in that exact moment. Should you happen to find yourself in a place that you have walked previously with people whom you’ve met earlier in life, remember that you are there as a person with lived moments foreign to the person you were the last time.

Editor-in-Chief | Journalist | Creative Director. Everything here is inspired by conversations with friends.

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