What I learned During a Year of Agonizing Uncertainty

How do we outlive ourselves? Or more specifically, the worst versions of who we are.

Seek advice, but follow your own intuition.

Nobody knows what you’re feeling better than yourself and following the advice of others doesn’t teach you how to trust yourself. Instead, you learn how to be disappointed by others for the advice you sought that didn’t work out.

Don’t expect anything from anyone.

At the end of the day, no one actually owes you anything. People will help you because they want to, because they care about you. This extends to friends and family.

Regret is inevitable.

Dwelling on your regrets is a choice. Accept what has gone wrong and move forward with what you learned. We can never do more than try our best the next time around.

You will be lonely.

As stoic and mysterious as your aesthetic may be, no one can do it all alone. Eventually, you’ll realize that you spent your young years being cold and uncompromising and now you’re in a place where you’re just alone. Don’t become too bitter to let good things in.

You will run out of money.

Whether reckless spending or poor saving, you are going to learn the value of a dollar. When you get to that moment, hungry and unsure of whether you’ll ever find a place that makes you feel safe and secure, open a savings account. Start with a dollar, every day. Prepare yourself for a life where you won’t have to worry so much.

Apologize to your friends for being shitty.

Everyone hates you when you’re 23. I get it. It’s this strange age where you’ve accomplished enough to expect more from your life. Yet, you spend most of the year being disappointed by the jobs you didn’t get, the relationships that didn’t start, and the travelling your student debt prevents. Pretty much, you adjust accordingly to a life you are satisfied with, even if it’s not the one you want.

What others say and how they treat you is truly a reflection of who they are.

Catharsis is a venomous companion and people will say the worst things when they are their worst selves. Please, do not let that poison linger.

Editor-in-Chief | Journalist | Creative Director. Everything here is inspired by conversations with friends.

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